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I thought you might like to hear about a few of my stories from life in the 60's.

Meeting with and playing with stars of the day made my job more worthwhile. I recall meeting and playing with the Beatles at The Cavern club for the first time. Four lads clad in leather. Their lead guitarist George had a hell of a black eye which he had received the night before in some rough and Tumble. Seeing them on stage for the first time made me realise they were history in the making. I was lucky enough to appear with the Beatles on quite a few occasions after this, gigging with them not only in Liverpool, but in Birmingham and Tamworth. Although the Beatles were great on stage I thought they were fantastic fun to be with before and after the shows. Paul used to get a 'pretend' camera and take photos and get us to take some. It turned into a game we used to do when we met. Unfortunately I never had my Kodak Brownie with me; (what would those pictures be worth today)


George Harrison tapped me up one day for 2 bob at the Cavern club to buy a packet of his favourite Park Drive fags. True to his word he didn't forget his debt. Sometime later I visited the Blue Angel Club in Liverpool with Johnny Kidd who told me he wanted a quiet night and without his patch would not be recognised. We knocked the door of the club, the hatch opened, and a voice said 'can I help you' and he said yes let us in its Johnny Kidd (so much for being incognito) Inside we found quite a few members of different bands including George and Ringo who earlier that evening had appeared in Blackpool at the Tower. George asked for a glass of milk. Being a non drinker myself at the time I asked for 2 glasses of milk and handed the Chinese barman a ten bob note. When I counted the change he obviously thought that I had given him a pound. I said to George the guy has given me too much change. George said put it in your pocket and we will call it quits for the 2 bob that I owe you.


George Harrison had my telephone number the one time, though I never thought he would ring as they were starting to make it big. Then one day he came to Birmingham and rang me, but I was out. So Maz gave him Jim's number and they all went out to the Moat House in town. I was gutted.

When Roy Wood first joined the band we went to pick him up on the way to a gig. He came out of the house with a complete roast dinner that had been scraped into a plastic bag. ‘You must eat your dinner Roy’ said his Mother ….. so he did with a spoon while the rest of us tried hard not to vomit……..happy days....


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