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In 2003 we got involved in the welfare of the Dalmatian and Maz is on the committee of the British Dalmatian Welfare with her friend Beryl. They are the official fundraisers for the registered charity. What an eye opener!!! It is hard to accept that there are people out there who can abuse and exploit these lovely dogs purely for their own ends. Puppy farmers see Dalmatians as a way of earning a quick buck down to their popularity in childrens films. Hundreds of dogs each year pass through the hands of welfare through no fault of their own. This is often due to people buying a puppy on a whim without doing any research into the breeds special characteristics and requirements.
It is also down to responsible breeders vetting prospective owners properly and giving them correct information with a lifetime of back up.

If you would like to adopt a Dalmatian and think you can cope with this very special breed, speak to our central co-ordinater on 0790-5495084. This is a mobile but if you leave a message and your telephone number she will return your call.



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